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Welcome to Odulation! a MP3 rotation site located on LiveJournal! Odulation is ran by senshicalico, audience and mousey_sama We all specialize. =O As in, Calico and Cassie do J-pop updates, and Mousey does anime. =)


It's a pretty silly name...one that stemmed from a pretty silly misunderstanding.

If anybody has ever seen the PV for "Vanilla" by Gackt, then you'd understand that there's some pretty weird dancing going on in his part. XD Mousey said that he was doing some "wild undulating!" Of course I'm stupid and repeated "odulating" days later. Hilarity ensued. XD

And yes, we like to odulate to our music!

All songs are for sampling purposes only. If you like the artist, please support them by buying the albums.

If you're looking for general J-pop/rock/folk/indies/anything Japanese, I'm the one to talk to! I mostly update only Japanese language/Japanese artist tracks, but sometimes I might throw in a surprise or two. Feel free to request anything, and I'll see what I can do.

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I AM TEH AYUIST!! =O If you're looking for AYU talk to me (or Calico). I have all but 5 Ayumi Hamasaki CDs. But I can only rip some of them. I can download songs too. I will ALWAYS have at least one Ayu song every update. Also feel free to check out my personal rotation ayumixed


The phantom owner finally emerges from the shadows! I'm the anime music expert around here. I might not have EVERY song from EVERY anime you're looking for, but, I have Kazaa to make up for that! <3 When it comes to Mousey, 'fangirl' is the most accurate adjective. Lyke w0. On a self-promoting note, I am also the owner of fairy-fountain.net!

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